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Q: Aren't all florists or flower providers the same?  Why not just use ProFlowers, 800 Flowers, or any other national florist?  Aren't they cheaper?

A:  The fact is, your local florist is often the one who arranges and delivers your flower order even though you placed your flower order through them. National order gatherers such as those mentioned above give us an allowance to complete and deliver your flower order while they keep a portion of your dollars as profit for simply taking the order.  By placing your order directly through Maud Baker, you skip the "middle-man" and you'll get better quality arrangements for the same price or less.  For flower orders in the Atlanta metro area, buying directly from Maud Baker gives you the best value proposition. Also, you'll have a local representative to contact in case of a problem, and not some person at the end of an 800 number with little flower expertise located in a far away call center.  Maud Baker guarantees your flower purchase meets your expectation.

Q: I want to congratulate a colleague on a promotion with a bouquet of roses but I know certain colors are supposed to mean things.  What are the meanings behind the different colors of roses, and which do you suggest for my gift?

A: Every rose color has a different meaning based on traditions that go back thousands of years that can mean everything from love to secrecy to even jealousy. 

  • Red: love, romantic love, sincere love, beauty, courage, respect, congratulations, or passion
  • White: purity, silence, secrecy, youth, humility, or even worthiness
  • Pink: appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, gentleness, admiration, or “please believe me”.
  • Yellow: friendship, joy, welcome, the promise of a new beginning, remember me, jealousy, or if they have red tips falling in love
  • Orange: desire or enthusiasm.

For your colleague, red roses are fine, or you could send an arrangement that includes red, yellow, orange or pink blossoms.  Just avoid sharing a single red rose, as that would be like saying “I love you”, and that’s a whole different message!

Q: My husband buys me flowers from time to time. I appreciate this token of affection and feel bad when I can’t keep them alive more than a few days. How do I make the flowers last longer?

A: Maintaining the freshness of your flowers doesn’t require a green thumb. When you receive your arrangement, re-cut the stems, removing 1/2 to a full inch, and place them in hot water. Make sure you remove any foliage below the water line to avoid potential bacteria. Add the packet of flower preservative included with the flowers, some Seven-Up, or a bit of chlorine bleach to the water to give the flowers some food and stop the growth of bacteria. Make sure you use a clean vase, and put the flowers some place that isn’t too hot or cold. If you follow these steps, you should be able to enjoy your flowers for a lot longer.